Swapnotthan gives major focus in the education sector as education impects more on the development of a country than anything else. In our country such a basic right as proper education is not provided to a vast amount of students. A lot of children don't go to school for earning their own living or not able to maintain educational expenses. Swapnotthan works for these underpriviliged children, teaches them, guides them, inspires them, sometimes provide educational expenses.
Volanondo Night School supported by Sylhet City Corporation is where swapnotthan works as a regualr service. Here most of the students are working children. They earn their livlihood working at day and attends school at night. They can only study at night. Inadequate number of teachers can't provide them proper education also lake of training is responsible in a way.
Swapnotthan's volunteers teaches in the school from class 5 to 10 three days in a week. They spend time to understand the problems and lakings of their study and gives most effort to every single children to improve their quality to compete in the real world. Swapnotthan feels proud to be a part of this work as students of Volanondo Night School are showing thumb to society's discriminatory system & continuing their education with full intensity & passion.
Beside regualar education volunteers teach moral values to the students. They motivate them by narrating the stories of conquering the world. As a result of their participation in the curriculum, the students passed from this school are able to gain the status of being an University students. Their participation in co-curriculum activities are admirable. Every year the volunteers of the Swapnothan celebrate the national days with the students of Volanondo Night School. On these days different types of programs like sports competition, art festival, quiz, open writing etc are organized on behalf of Swapnothan.
Swapnotthan also tries to provide college admission arrangements for the students of Volanondo Night School as these indigent children steps forward to a better future after passing their Secondary education.
Swapnotthan dreams about a future where no children will be out of school education, no drop out, no hungry mouth, no street children. Everyone is open to participate to our work by taking classes or helping by any other way not necessary to be a member of Swapnotthan.
The dream will be lit in every child's mind. Dream of a better future.


Join us in the way of helping and building a better future

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